Remembering Our Personnel
That Have Answered Their
Final Alarm For 2019
John Stahl Bradner Fire Department January   8
Donald Gonyer Bloomdale Fire & Rescue Department January 17
Robert Honsberger Perrysburg Township Fire Department January 23
Mike Gasser Perrysburg Township Fire Department February 21
James (Jim) Smith Bradner Fire Department February 25
William Mareches Bloomdale Fire & Rescue Department March   3
Matthew Vedra Rossford Fire & Rescue Department March   8
Robert Gwiner Rossford Fire & Rescue Department March 13
George Nicholson Middleton Township Fire Department March 28
Larry Trumbull Milton Township Fire District April   2
Paul Bowers North Baltimore Fire Department April 27
Drew Rister North Baltimore Fire Department May 11
Ray Chapman Weston Township Fire Department May 16
Ronald Amos Central Joint Fire District May 17
Tom Gilson Lake Township Fire Department June 1
Jenise Fouts - Honorary Sentinel Tribune Newspaper, Bowling Green July   2
Robert Heckman Troy Township Fire Department July 10
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