Remembering Our Personnel
That Have Answered Their
Final Alarm For 2021
Cecil Adkins Former Walbridge Fire Department
Lake Township Fire Department 
January 2
Timothy Wiseman Former Jerry City Fire Department
Central Joint Fire District
January 24
Samuel Cline Grand Rapids Township Fire Department February 16
Terry Tschappat Former Portage Fire Department
Central Joint Fire District
March 3
Beverly Hicks Former Millbury Fire Department Auxiliary
Lake Township Fire Department
March 14
Robert Rath Wayne Volunteer Fire Department
Former Portage Fire Department
April 18
Connie Bradley Wood County Sheriff Dispatch April 19
Paul Eckel Perrysburg Township Fire Department April 27
Noladean Haas Troy Township Fire Auxiliary
Troy Township EMS
April 30
Jane Welling Troy Township Fire Department Auxiliary May 2
Jerry Crawford Bowling Green Fire Division May 18
Robert Ladd Pemberville Freedom Twp. Fire Department  July 9
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